We all know about the swamp in Washington DC. What we don’t see on the news so often is the bubbling sewer in our own backyard, namely the festering mess of corruption that is West Virginia politics.

WV politicians stay in power with special interest money pouring into their political coffers. It’s our future that money has been buying. Your “representatives” in Charleston don’t want you to recognize the massive corporate push to take what the people of West Virginia have worked so hard for. Our wealth is being funneled to out-of-state companies whose only real investment here is buying politicians.

YOUR land, YOUR minerals, even YOUR right to say who can step foot in your yard… well, those are all on the auction block in Charleston right now.

You’ve stood strong for years, telling your politicans that you don’t want laws like Forced Pooling taking your property against your will and handing it to out-of-state gas companies. They just won’t listen, and this year they’re at it again, changing a few details around and trying to rename Forced Pooling as “Co-tenancy” and “Lease Integration”…but it’s all the same old game of taking what belongs to West Virginia citizens and handing it to their campaign donors.

We’re going to introduce you to a few of the politicians who have sold you out to the highest bidder. We’re going to show you what they’re getting in exchange. And we’re going to show you which of your rights are up on the auction block next for that dirty money.